Wednesday, June 07, 2006

He's so unusal

I usually don't post press releases — The Dizzies office is inundated with them, folks trying to get a piece of that hot Dizzies press — but this seemed too strange not to share. You probably don't have to read it all — just the last paragraph, about his mysterious vehicle, and the bit with "ostentatious."

Watch out for the typos — and here we go!

* * *

STEPHEN BALDWIN: From Bad Boy To Born Again in Under 300 Pages!

Stephen Baldwin to release THE UNUSAL SUSPECT: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith with Warner Faith

New York, NY – (June 7, 2006) – Stephen Baldwin is set to release his semi-autobiography, The Unusual Suspect: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith, September 19th with Warner Faith. Baldwin invites you to join him as he recounts the exciting journey from his humble Long Island beginnings to his escapades within the bowels of Hollywood’s bright lights and huge temptations. “Stevie B” details the dabaucherous stories that earned him his “bad boy” Baldwin party persona, and answers the questions of why and how he converted to radical Christianity and how it has affected the Dynasty of the Baldwin family.

Baldwin explains that it took everything life has shown him, from his experiences at the PLAYBOY Mansion to being on many sets and jet-setting across the world to make him realize that none of these material accomplishments compare to his faith. Baldwin explains “I feel like I have gone skydiving and I’m falling from the sky toward earth at 120 miles per hour. The wind is howling in my ears and whipping across my face. But somehow, I feel calm and at peace. I’m not afraid … My prayer is that… you will be willing to take a chance, drop your guard, and enter into an experience like the one I’m having with God!”

Baldwin has starred in over 65 films and is best known for Oscar winning THE USUAL SUSPECTS, THE FILINTSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS and BIODOME. He is actively using his stardom to take his faith and inspirational messages to the masses, as he produced and directed the extreme sports DVD brand Livin’It. After only 3 months on the market and relatively little promotion, Livin’ It has achieved Gold status and is a phenomenon in the world of amateur and pro skateboarders.

Early comments from the book have ranged from outbursts of laughter, to anger, to complete disbelief that an “insider” had the nerve to turn on the world that essentially gave him his platform and power. It carries the reader deep into the world of the Baldwin Dynasty and gives the first clear look at why this family is the ostentatious, fun and radical group that they are today.

Baldwin will take the country by storm by driving in his CUSTOMIZED GM CUBE called the “Lord’s Lounge” which boasts the cover of the book shrink wrapped around the gnarly vehicle while also creating the spectacle of the true STEVIE B experience, illustrating what it is like to be the UNUSAL SUSPSECT. Be on the look out for baby Baldwin driving the CUBE to a city near you!


Blogger Devin McKinney said...

Three words for this: oh my (lower-case) god.
But there's a silliness and innocence at work here which surely amount to a force for good in the world . . . ?
Humor too is among His creations, say those who believe in He.
The gem of the piece is actually in the first paragraph. The "bowels of the bright lights and huge temptations" bit got some weird mental imagery going.
"Temptation Bowels" -- wasn't that a hit for the Grass Roots?

12:19 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

It's all about "the bog"!

There was also the book-turned-movie Bright Lights, Big Bowels — critically reviled, but a cult classic.

Q: What's a CUBE?!?!

9:17 AM  

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