Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spell, Memory!

Exploring the hockey/spelling connection: Arlo points us to this tidbit in The Buffalo News:

To understand the innocence of this team, consider the scene in the visitors' dressing room of the RBC Center the morning of the biggest game in seven years. They were huddled around a television in the far corner, drawing inspiration from . . . the movie "Miracle"? . . . Carolina's highlight reel? . . . Game Six?

No. There was much to discuss and the McKee crisis to address, but they were glued to the National Spelling Bee. Paul Gaustad was clinging to every letter while cheering on a bespectacled 12-year-old, appreciating the pressure of performing on a national stage. Paul, um, do you think the loss of Jay McKee will . . . Paul?

"Yes," Gaustad shouted while pumping his fist toward the TV. "He nailed it."


* * *

Now that I think of it, the hockey/spelling connection is something of a primal one for me: When I would go to Sabres games with my father on school nights, I would bring along my vocab book to study during the intermissions—Wordly Wise, it was called.


Blogger Jenny D said...

I never went to a hockey game (or indeed to any other professional sporting event), but I TOTALLY had those Wordly Wise spelling/vocab books--I loved them--I raced through three or four lessons a week, & had these absurd spelling tests every Friday where I had to write a sentence for each word but it was so many that I compromised by cramming them all into as few sentences as possible--I must see if I can dig some of those up, I bet they're pretty funny....

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