Thursday, September 22, 2005

Continuum mysterium

I'm doing a bit of computer housekeeping, throwing away stuff. The problem is that every word I write is so incredibly fascinating that it deserves to be kept for posterity—or so I'm told by Ginger and Heinrich, the new Dizzies interns.

Case in point: Here are the entire contents of a file marked "22park.doc," an abandoned go at a review of the B.S. Johnson biography. (Oddly, it wouldn't feel out of place in Johnson's See the Old Lady Decently.)

Like a Fiery Elephant
By Jonathan Coe

But it’s no substitute for reading Johnson, whose idiosyncrasy ______.



Blogger Jenny D said...


I've got a horrible and complicated computer-synchronizing task ahead of me, 2 laptops at home (and I switched from one to the other as "main" computer when I moved) and a clunky desktop at work. And a jump drive that is my favorite possession. Better get on the ball about this, or I am going to overwrite the latest version of my chapter and make a Homer-Simpson-like noise of despair...

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