Sunday, September 11, 2005

Memories of murder

It's a beautiful morning in New York...recalling the beautiful weather on the morning of September 11 four years ago. We lived on the East Side then, and we would take walks in the morning...

1. I remember noting how blue the sky was.
2. I remember signs for the various candidates—local elections were being held that day.
3. I remember coming back home and logging onto the Times website for a little news, and seeing a sentence about a plane hitting the first tower.
4. I remember going to other sites, the Drudge Report and so forth.
5. I remember turning on the radio.
6. I remember going to the roof of our building—it was 35 stories high, on York Avenue and 70th Street—and looking south.
7. I remember about a dozen people were on the roof, some with their cameras out.
8. I remember not bringing my camera.
9. I remember thinking if I took a picture it would be this evil thing inside the camera, inside the computer when I downloaded it.
10. I remember talking to my mom as reports of the attack on Washington surfaced.
11. I remember that night watching TV in absolute terror, listening to rumors about mysterious cars found near bridges into the city.
12. I remember thinking about a short story I'd written in August for a reading, a story about the destruction of Manhattan, bridges broken, the island floating away.
13. I remember it being whimsical. It would be the last fiction I'd write for a while—for years, actually.
14. I remember going to Food Emporium and buying bottled water and frozen food, salmon patties and vegetarian patties. We kept them in the fridge for over a year and then threw them out.
15. I remember the awful stench for weeks afterward, in the streets around where I worked downtown, sometimes even uptown as I got off the subway.


In other news, this article, from today's NYT magazine, is interesting.


Blogger Ed said...

Not local elections — but rather the Democratic primaries —

3:12 PM  
Blogger HeyZeus! said...

The Literary Saloon's criticisms seem to be a rather harsh counterpoint to the NYTMag piece...but I always felt they were a bit too elitist.


12:11 AM  

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