Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tip of the day!

I rarely post about things that have appeared in the Voice, and even less frequently about the film reviews therein—I think it's always a good idea to check out what Hoberman, Atkinson, Winter, et al., have to say.

But I just read Mike Atkinson's 2046 review and it gave me chills—it's like poetry! His piece perfectly captures the essence of this gorgeous, absorbing film (as the subhead says, "In the mood for mood"), eschewing summary (there's really not much of a plot to summarize) and instead functioning as an emotional extension of Wong's film. I would say just read this terrific review and let its spell linger and conjure for you some intangible, unreachable notion of cinematic bliss—oblivion being implicit in much Wongwork . . . but no: See the movie, too. I dug every minute. Sublime!


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