Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh Yeh!

My pal (and former Voice colleague) Jane Yeh's upcoming debut poetry collection, Marabou, has been shortlisted for the Forward prize, as reported in today's Guardian.
I hope she wins! She's like no one else—by turns elegant and intense, rarefied and funny.

To the left we have the cover image, courtesy of Amazon. The person pictured does not really resemble Jane, unless she's had her hair done since we last met.

Those of you who can't wait can hunt down her chapbook, Teen Spies; those of you who really can't wait can sample the wonderful title poem from that book.

Want more? Try the excellent "Correspondence."

My favorite poem of hers might be "Monster," which I think of as her "Mama Said Knock You Out." It's not available online. If I quoted even a few lines, I'd have to type out the whole thing—it's unstoppable.


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