Sunday, May 15, 2005

Analyze this!

They've been forecasting rain all weekend. It hasn't happened!

I'm trying to find some good "psychodynamic" stories for my father. Any candidates? I've been looking at Cheever, Paley, DFW, Munro . . . targeting any anthology lying around the house . . . Adam Hazlitt? Conan Doyle? It would be fun to find the perfect Sherlock Holmes story for this purpose. Suggestions are welcome!

I went to Labyrinth Books and entered a slightly manic mode—I picked up and decided I must have:

1. Particle Physics: A Very Short Introduction, by Frank Close
2. Lost Positives, by John Cotrona
3. 62: A Model Kit, by Julio Cortázar
4. Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, by Alice Munro

I'm most intrigued by #2—a short (94 pp.), small (4-1/4" x 6-1/4") book out from Fractious Press. A woodblock print of a guy with little devil horns and sharpish teeth decorates the cover. I know nothing about the author, the publisher, or even the journals (No Duh and Cometbus) the stories were originally published in. Sometimes judging by the cover leads to long-standing favorites (for me, Robert Kelly's The Scorpions and the first They Might Be Giants album). Sometimes not!


Blogger S. said...

1. "haslett" not "hazlitt" (tho familial rel'shp unclear btw deceased critic and breathing author)

2. the woodblock print sounds v much like the drawings on the cover of the radiohead album AMNESIAC

3. COMETBUS was (is?) zine cum institution begun decades ago on west coast

4. this commenter used to read it and remembers a few things:

5. the delightful account of a non-bleeped radio show by the zine's editor in which F*CK was "bleeped" as F-(bleep)-*CK

6. the idiosyncratic global misspelling REDICULOUS in pages of said zine

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