Sunday, April 17, 2005

Rex is comedy

A parody of Rex Reed's take on Oldboy and Korean cuisine appeared in the Voice last week.

Gawker picked up on it, as did the New York Post's Page Six—which credulously read the spoof as real reportage (and published a picture of Reed).

This incited further commentary from Gawker.

Still no apology or retraction from the Observer or Reed, as far as I know.

* * *

Postscript: Dizzyhead Akiva has sent us this link, to Slant Magazine's blog. Slant mentions the Voice piece, and draws our attention to Reed's latest less-than-sensitive swipe:

"In his 'On the Town' column this week (page 22 for those who read the paper in print), Reed points out that Matthew McConaughey in Sahara 'can scarcely say "I'll find the bomb, you get the girl" without the need for subtitles.' Describing Penélope Cruz, the writer states the actress 'is right at home with her co-star because she can’t speak coherent English either.'"


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