Monday, March 28, 2005

Getting jigae with it

Outside it's raining cats and dogs, along with associated kittens and puppies. All day long it's been coming down. It's Wong Kar-wai weather.

We try to keep our cool here at Dizzies central—too much excitement gets us wobbly—but Rex Reed's review of Oldboy in the recent issue of the New York Observer really bugged us. Not because he didn't care for the film, but because of the amazingly hostile, indefensibly racist comment that kicks off the proceedings:

"For sewage in a cocktail shaker, there is Oldboy, a noxious helping of Korean Grand Guignol as pointless as it is shocking. What else can you expect from a nation weaned on kimchi, a mixture of raw garlic and cabbage buried underground until it rots, dug up from the grave and then served in earthenware pots sold at the Seoul airport as souvenirs? "

Another "senior moment," perhaps? The logic is too silly to argue with, at the same time too hateful to ignore. We'll stop for now, Dizzyheads. Will Rex Reed be this year's Whitney McNally?


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