Thursday, March 17, 2005


I am trying to think of every Harry Stephen Keeler novel I've read!

1. The Bottle With the Green Wax Seal
2. The Five Silver Buddhas
3. The Mysterious Mr. I
4. The Riddle of the Traveling Skull
5. The Book With the Orange Leaves
6. The Marceau Case
7. X. Jones—Of Scotland Yard!
8. The Wonderful Scheme of Mr. Christopher Thorne
9. Y. Cheung, Business Detective
10. The Man With the Magic Eardrums
11. The Vanishing Gold Truck
12. The Case of the 16 Beans
13. When Thief Meets Thief
14. Finger, Finger!
15. Behind That Mask
16. The Peacock Fan
17. The Sharkskin Book
18. The Box From Japan
19. The Case of the Two Strange Ladies
20. Cleopatra's Tears
21. Portrait of Jirjohn Cobb
22. The Voice of the Seven Sparrows
23. The Amazing Web
24. Sing Sing Nights
25. Thieves' Nights
26. The Face of the Man From Saturn
27. The Strange Will
28. The Man Who Changed His Skin

The lacunae dog me! I have four more unread Keelers in my personal "stash"—then it's time to hit eBay! Harry Stephen Keeler often wrote prose like this! It's very exciting!

Tom Wolfe sometimes writes like this—with dashes—and exclamation points—and italics!

The last Keeler I read was Thieves' Nights—stories within stories within stories—seven levels deep! What Borges—or "I"—would call "structural vertigo"! Hold me up! I'm falling!


Blogger Moss Jervins said...

You forgot "The Chameleon"! Necessary sequel to "The Mysterious Mr. I"!

2:31 PM  

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