Thursday, February 24, 2005

Notes from Day 12

I visited The Gates again yesterday, and shot some more footage with my Elph. The sun was out. I was happy. Could one build a tent and live in the park? A tent made of Gates scraps?

I thought of crossing the park to catch the 6 train to work, but didn't think I had time. I was on the trail right by the tennis courts. I walked a little more east, then saw that a Gate had fallen, or in any case was in need of repair. Four volunteers/workers were tending to it. It was at an acute angle to the paving.

I turned back. It was a little shocking, a little sad. (I suppose another reason why the project has such a short lifespan is that the materials might disintegrate if left out too long; over the weekend, I saw a badly frayed—or perhaps vandalized—hem.)

* * *

Notes toward a Central Park joke

I'm sure a variation on this exchange has taken place before:
Person 1: I didn't realize that each playground has a different theme. This is the Western Playground. It's all log cabin-y.
Person 2: Yes. And at the Diana Ross Playground, you have to dress as one of the Supremes!

* * *

The Times covered two Gates parodies this weekend. My favorite is the first, The Crackers; the second one, The Somerville Gates, appears to have been disassembled (due to a visit from the cleaning lady, as the site drolly puts it).


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