Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm only dreaming

Good morning. I dreamt about the monkey painter. His name was in the newspaper. Russian-sounding—Vassily, Ivan, something. The article was more or less identical to the piece the Times did on the dogs-playing-poker artist, a year or two ago. Unfortunately, this morning the name of my simian portraitist escapes me. Any Dizzyheads with information in this regard, please drop a line!

Two nights ago, a series of words on a dark "screen" appeared in my dreaming mind's eye before I woke up. I remember two of the phrases: "Future Salad" and "Hoax Fed." The third one eludes me.

I've been taking short video clips while going through the Gates, stitching them together on iMovie, adding title cards, which "Future Salad" and "Hoax Fed" resembled.


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