Saturday, March 19, 2005

My favorite... right now is "My Favorite"! It's not my favorite name for a band, though. I suspect a trick name, like the Who, or the Guess Who. (Let's form a band called the Excuse Me Could You Say That Again?) Many thanks to Dizzyhead Jen for the loan of some My Favorite albums.

My favorite My Favorite song is called "Burning Hearts," and my favorite My Favorite line is that song's first—or *was*. I thought it ran:

We met first in cafés
And later in dreams...

But a recent (OK, *just now*) internet search turned up only

We met first in cafés
And later in ruins...

Which is nice, but I'm going to sing it the other way. (Paging Dr. Freud! Are ruins "dreams" for me? And vice versa? And why did I wake up yesterday thinking I was inside a "breakfast burrito"?)

Other recent listens: Cursive's THE UGLY ORGAN (intense!), Petra Haden singing *The Who Sell Out* (thematic! see above!), and the Magnetic Fields' "I Wish I Had an Evil Twin."

Things I've been thinking of doing: Going to the new MoMA.


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