Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hi, we're the displacements

1. Most Wildly Popular Trivia Game in America Right Now

A displacement occurs when a group has a song title that's the same as an album title—except it appears on a different album.

For example, Robyn Hitchcock's "Queen Elvis" does not appear on Queen Elvis but on Eye.

Elvis Costello's "Imperial Bedroom" was on Out of Our Idiot, not Imperial Bedroom (though the Rykodisc reissue appends it on the name-appropriate disc).

A better E.C. example is "Almost Blue," which is not to be found on Almost Blue . . . but on Imperial Bedroom!

Can Dizzyheads think of other examples?

2. The Necrocomicon

In unrelated news: Dizzyhead Brent sent us this link—the bees' knees for anyone in the Lovecraft/Jack Chick demographic, acutely bewildering for anyone else!

3. Commentary: The State of the Blog

The most satisfying thing about blogging isn't the ability to comment on the news of the day in an instant-esque, public-ish manner . . . or to string together half-formed thoughts with three dots . . . or to install distracting links to other, slightly better-thought-out sites.


It's the quantity of pun-and-allusion-laden headlines you're forced to come up with! (A Dizzies T-shirt* to the first person who can identify the inspiration for this posting's headline.)

*T-shirt does not actually exist.


Blogger Richard said...

The Doors: "Waiting for the Sun" appears on the later album MORRISON HOTEL, not on the album WAITING FOR THE SUN.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Arlo Ogg said...

TMBG, bien sur! "Someone find Tommy..." (maybe you could design a Dizzies T just for me?)

1:05 PM  

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