Friday, August 17, 2007

The tie-ins

1. Another Ouroboric movie (courtesy, which started off this whole meme): Bratz.

Read on:
On the face of it, I’m not sure this would be enough to qualify as a true ouroboros, since the source material hasn’t changed — the movie tie-in dolls haven’t been redesigned to resemble the actresses who were cast to play the dolls. But in this case the ouroboric twist is that the movie tie-in products aren’t based on anything within the movie itself, i.e. the characters or the storyline, but rather on the movie’s very existence. If I understand this correctly, the tie-in products ask us to make a conceptual leap of sorts and imagine that the Bratz movie has been released within the world of the Bratz dolls, and that thus the Bratz dolls’ characters are themselves now movie stars. So the tie-ins are a movie star makeover, a movie star mansion, a movie star car, movie star red-carpet outfits, and a “movie making” set.

2. Another Ouroboric tidbit courtesy my archives:



Blogger Jordan said...

FWIW, Olson has at least one poem about the ouroboros somewhere in Maximus.

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