Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ikeabouros — Five for Frightening

Get yours today!

(Via Manguso)


At Levi's invitation, I listed a few blood-curdling reads over at The Second Pass. Jenny D, James Hynes, Will Schofield, Andrea Janes, Jonathan Crowley, and others weigh in with their seasonal favorites...

My former students will recognize the Poe-Lovecraft-King trifecta...and in a freakish twist, one of my former student's stories is among my picks!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Species of spaces

“We can look at ducks, and afterwards, we can look at the pictures and talk about ducks.”
—"Screen Time Higher Than Ever for Children," NYT, 10/25/11


The creature periodically erects barriers inside its shell as it grows, leaving a series of unoccupied spaces behind. —"Loving the Chambered Nautilus to Death," NYT, 10/25/11

What is this a metaphor for?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Conversation With Paul La Farge

Tomorrow (that is, Wednesday, October 19) I'll be talking to Paul La Farge about his terrific new novel, Luminous Airplanes, and grilling him about his life in general. It's at McNally Jackson (52 Prince St.) and it begins at 7.


Wait...his book trailer was directed by Hal Hartley??


Background reading: All of Paul's Believer pieces.


Monday, October 17, 2011

The waist land

Jim Duquette remembers Dotel as an engaging kid with the most limber arm he had ever seen.

“I remember going down to the Dominican Republic with Eddy Toledo, the scout who signed him,” said Duquette, a Mets minor league executive at the time. When they met Dotel, Toledo asked him to show Duquette something. Dotel locked his hands behind his back and rotated his arms completely over his head to his waist, and back again.

“I’d never seen that before,” Duquette said. “It was like watching someone turn his head in a complete circle.” —NYT

(via Jane)

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The late show

ON a rainy afternoon last month, Elizabeth Olsen apologized profusely for pushing back by more than an hour a luncheon interview at a restaurant in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I really hate being late.”—"An Olsen Sister Finds a Spotlight All Her Own," NYT, Arts & Leisure, 10/15/11


Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, is one of the world’s biggest rock stars, a species for whom tardiness is all but a right. Yet he was full of apologies when he popped through the door of a Midtown Manhattan restaurant, no entourage in sight, for a recent interview.
“I’m sorry I’m late,” he blurted, wearing a slightly stained “Don’t Mess With Texas” T-shirt and loudly colored sneakers, though he had no sunglasses, hat or any other means of celebrity disguise.
But Mr. Martin was actually five minutes early....—"Chris Martin of Coldplay Asks: What Would Bruce Do? ," NYT, Arts & Leisure, 10/15/11

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