Monday, November 18, 2013

Call me

Enter Louis Justin, the 23-year-old owner of Massacre Video, a horror micro-label he runs out of his Michigan home. An avid collector of VHS, Mr. Justin turned amateur gumshoe to track down a director he calls a legend. After hundreds of fruitless calls to Chester Turners across the country, Mr. Justin was at a Chicago video store when he asked the owners if they’d heard of “Black Devil Doll.”

—"Chester Novell Turner and 'Black Devil Doll' Are Back," NYT (11/18/13)

Uchenna Ikonne, a Nigerian-born, Boston-based writer who runs the African music blog Comb and Razor, said he tracked down Mr. Onyeabor by phone in 2009 and reached a verbal agreement to reissue some of his work, with details to be settled during a trip Mr. Ikonne was planning to Nigeria.
—"An Elusive Mystery Man of Music," NYT (11/18/13)


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