Monday, October 17, 2011

The waist land

Jim Duquette remembers Dotel as an engaging kid with the most limber arm he had ever seen.

“I remember going down to the Dominican Republic with Eddy Toledo, the scout who signed him,” said Duquette, a Mets minor league executive at the time. When they met Dotel, Toledo asked him to show Duquette something. Dotel locked his hands behind his back and rotated his arms completely over his head to his waist, and back again.

“I’d never seen that before,” Duquette said. “It was like watching someone turn his head in a complete circle.” —NYT

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Blogger Levi Stahl said...

What's funny about the mention of Dotel's waist is that one of the three things I like best about Dotel is his little pitcher's pot belly. (The second and third, respectively, being that he's been quite good--unexpectedly so--for the Cardinals since being picked up in July and that he seems utterly unflappable and businesslike on the mound.)

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