Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday shorties

I.(Via F.S. Andrew B. Eisenman)

II. From a great annotated interview of HK director Tsui Hark, by Grady Hendrix, in Film Comment:

So besides the midnight previews, what else accounts for this extremely fast editing technique you use? I mean, your movies really do scream along.
We are very nervous people. That’s why our movies go faster than other movies. I think we were a little bit faster than normal people in those days because we felt like we had to tell a longer story in a shorter time.

(Via R. Emmet Sweeney)

III. At Tor, Saladin's Sundrarium looks at the RPG art of David A. Trampier (aka DAT, "Tramp"), whose illustrations include "arguably the most iconic piece of art in all of RPGdom." A great list (for those who remember his work), with a completely unexpected postscript. A must read!

(Via Grognardia, naturally)

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