Sunday, April 03, 2011

O tempura, O monkeys!

I. Yellowfront Manor, Brooklyn edition:

(The other two Y.M.s are here.)

(Photo by F.S. Caroline.)

II. Jane Yeh's new poem is featured on Like Starlings. The title is so good, I can't say it here. OK, I'll say it:

"Sherlock Holmes on the Trail of the Abominable Snowman"!

It reads like the best cryptic crossword you've never solved. Here's the second stanza:

6. Time for acrobatic whitewashing of someone's back story
7. Settled how to prune the epistemological topiary
8. O tempura, O monkeys
9. Himalayan word for mishegoss, or a type of pasta
10. Behind the scenes at the prickly ambassador's ball


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