Thursday, March 31, 2011

West is West

Not me, and not even "Ed Park"—from Michelle Richmond's blog* on SF Gate (part of the SF Chronicle):

After the horrible earthquake and tsunami that wiped out much of the northeastern seaboard of Japan, making hundreds of thousands homeless, killing at least 8,000 people, and leaving stores empty of basic supplies, Westerners experienced a wave of respect for the people of Japan, as one question made the rounds of Western media: "Why is there no looting in Japan?"

Ed Park posed the question in his blog for The Telegraph, noting the impressive way in which the Japanese had banded together in a communal effort to survive.

But if you click through to the can see it's by Ed West. He looks like this:

Lately I look like this (photo by Laird Hunt):

*"This is an City Brights Blog. These blogs are not written or edited by SFGate or the San Francisco Chronicle. The authors are solely responsible for the content."

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