Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cuisinarts and Cosmetology

Grognardia is on a roll:

As amazing as Fringeworthy's central concept is, its rules left something to be desired. Characters possess a large number of stats, both generated and derived. There are also skills, the list of which is quite extensive, including such invaluable ones as "Food Processing" and "Cosmetology," among many, many more. This level of detail is found throughout the rules, with lots of attention given to combat, damage, and weaponry as you might expect from a game of this period. However, there's also similar detail given to most other subjects, including disease and the nutritional value of various foods.

(Actually, it's always on a roll...)



Blogger Bruce Sheffer said...

Fringeworthy has been released in D20 Modern version so it should no longer be judged based on its original system. That original system was typical of rpg systems of the early 80's when it was first released.

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