Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tonight! "Impossible Geometries"

Come to "Impossible Geometries" at 177 Livingston! Doors open at 8.

I'm up first—I'll be reading with Lynne by Lis by Ambergris and Skeletons...other stuff! I think it goes on till late and I will probably need a nap at some point.

More at Time Out and at the 177 Livingston site.

And click on the tag below to check out the poster art.....This is a $5-$20 benefit; 177 Livingston is the big new home for Triple Canopy and Light Industry, also something called The Public School.

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Blogger mallard said...

How was the show? I'm sorry I missed it, but my girlfriend was sick. While you were reading to adoring fans, I was holding back her hair. And I'm a sympathetic vomiter.

5:44 PM  

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