Friday, December 12, 2008

Table-Talk of Parkus Grammaticus for December 12, 2008

I. I'll be reading this Sunday at KGB with Deb Olin Unferth and Heidi "Olin" Julavits! Sort of a McSweeney's night (Deb's novel, Vacation, is out from McSwy's)...and my last reading of the year! Then I will rest my larynx!

II. Over at The Millions, I give the much coveted EP nod to a few books (one of which I don't think I've written about here: Lewis Shiner's Glimpses)*...the others of which I have rambled about: those Richard Stark reprints....

III. Recently observed: Paul La Farge's article on Tintin and Tuten is available online at Blvr. central...The Khongster has a new blog...I enjoyed this, by a secret blogger...which reminded me of this...Book Nerd hearts Crozzles!...listening to: THE TOUGH ALLIANCE...Dzyd Adrian sent along this video..."Soup Dragon"! there a band yet named "The Clangers"?

IV: How I wrote certain of my posts: I am actually not up at 2:30 a.m. writing this—it is in fact just before noon on Thursday! I frequently adjust "Post Options" so as to not seem like a perpetual blogger.

*..........the backstory is that I bought the book at Powell's in ’07, having heard of it from Mark Moskowitz, the director of Stone was a wallet-shattering $35, a signed first edition! I never buy such things, really, but I had never come across the book before and figured, "Well, I'm on vacation" took me nearly a year before I actually cracked it open.......

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Blogger Will said...

The "I love san francisco" post caused some eyeball bulge. Thanks, I think!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Kaela Noel said...

Awww, I love the Clangers! Although it can get tenderly creepy at some points. It has such a Cold War fear flavor--the little mice timidly hiding in their burrows on the empty planet-rock-- all post-apocalyptic.

Have you ever seen any Bagpuss?

7:53 PM  

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