Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday warmup

I. Another nice mention of PD from Moonlight Ambulette (with bonus clip from 9 to 5!).

II. Dzyd Rachel has More like a gathering of all (or most) of her excellent pieces from the last few years, many of which (for the Blvr., V.V., and TPF) I've had the pleasure of editing...Quick picks: Russell Hobson, high-IQ societies, the mysterious "Footprints" author, and the perils and pleasures of public speaking...amazing!

III. In The Stranger, Paul Constant reports on the return of L. Ron Hubbard's early fiction: "Many reviewers—myself included—have extolled the glories of pulp fiction, and this series provides a good opportunity to make something perfectly clear: Most pulp fiction is awful crap that was cranked out in order to make a fast buck. Hubbard's fiction is the worst of that dreck."


Roth says he spent most of his time at Sony working on his own projects, sketching logos on the company stationery and making long-distance phone calls from his desk. One day, someone from personnel called him into the office. Roth was sure he’d be fired. When he sat down, the executive complimented him on his productivity and offered him a full-time position. “I was just floored,” Roth told me. “I couldn’t imagine anybody doing less than I was doing.” Not only did Roth turn down the promotion, he quit his job. —Saki Knafo (a/k/a the Greatest Journalist in the World), "Soul Reviver," NYT Magazine

V. At the LAT, Dzyd Carolyn remembers the late Forrest Ackerman...She also links to the Book Design Review's rundown of the year's best covers...It's perhaps not inappropriate for me to say that the Personal Days cover should have been on that list?!

It's even more eye-popping as an actual object...Perhaps it's time to get a few copies for gifts? (Click here for wild PD contest info!) Buy the book of which the aformentioned Paul Constant writes, "Every word belongs exactly where it is."

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