Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Like a palindrome spelled with acts of corruption"

I. From Levi:

From the Chicago Reader blog, about our galactically stupid and corrupt soon-to-be-ex-governor (the third Illinois governor out of the last five to be arrested!!!!!):

"Chicagoland correspondent KC:

'If I'm reading the Sun-Times article right, then:

'Blago contemplated appointing himself to the Senate seat because he'd get better lawyers to defend himself for trying to sell the Senate seat that no one wanted to buy, which is why Blago contemplated appointing himself to the Senate seat.

'It's beyond circular logic, it's like a palindrome spelled with acts of corruption instead of letters.'"

II. Irony! The PTSNBN puts PD on its list of the Best Books of 2008...

In a prelapsarian New York populated by surging, infinity-sign-shaped real estate developments, an office is undergoing endless layoffs....Park's unsettling, uproarious debut delights as much in sending up various crimes against language as it does in satirizing workplace culture....

(Via Other Ed)

III. The mystery of language, cont'd: "Two cases of compulsive swearing—in sign language."

IV. At A Journey Round My Skull, Will has some "Musings and Thunderings of Leon Bloy":

"My existence is a sad country where it is always raining...."

V. Parenthetical of the day: "First, I must preface this conversation by saying that from time to time (hourly) I google myself." —Ta-Nehisi

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Blogger zachrd99 said...

The worst part about this is now Obama has to spend time trying to distance himself from our Dbag governor when that time should be spent trying to fix a dismantled economy.

10:57 PM  

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