Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm liking writing within strict limits

Christian Bök's Eunoia gets noticed by the BBC, and readers chime in with their univocalic offerings.

n sample:

Westerners revere the Greek legends. Versemen retell the represented events, the resplendent scenes, where, hellbent, the Greek freemen seek revenge whenever Helen, the new-wed empress, weeps. Restless, she deserts her fleece bed where, detested, her wedded regent sleeps. When she remembers Greece, her seceded demesne, she feels wretched, left here, bereft, her needs never met. She needs rest; nevertheless, her demented fevers render her sleepless (her sleeplessness enfeebles her). She needs help; nevertheless her stressed nerves render her cheerless (her cheerlessness enfetters her).

(Here's what I wrote about Bök back in ’03 for the PTSNBN.)

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