Wednesday, October 29, 2008

January jones

It's Betty, not Don, who lands on the psychiatrist's couch, and who gradually realizes that her life and marriage are an elaborate lie; as she reaches a desperate clarity by season's end, she begins to evoke the tragic and resolute April Wheeler of Richard Yates's 1961 masterpiece Revolutionary Road. (And when she strolls onto her lawn one weekday afternoon with a rifle—clad in nightgown and shades, cigarette dangling from her lip—and starts shooting at her neighbor's pigeons, she looks like she's just walked out of an A.M. Homes story.) —Jessica Winter on Mad Men, at Moving Image Source

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Blogger GH said...

The Revolutionary Road comparisons have been flying fast and furious; maybe that's why I find Betty Draper and January Jones so dull. The character seems like a surface-level retread of something Yates did much better.

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