Thursday, October 30, 2008

On your toes

A piece on "Mad Men at the Movies" quotes..."Ed Park"?

Ed Park at the Village Voice notices how "it keeps its edges with on-your-toes dialogue and a fine-tuned critique of corporate culture."

That's from Birmingham's Black & White City Paper...but (obviously) I did not write about Mad Men for the PTSNBN! What is going on here? Another "Not Me"?

The article starts with various critics weighing in on Mad Men...then reveals that the quotes were actually taken from reviews of earlier films....Ah! That's what I said about The Apartment, back in 2002. The argument being that "there is nothing new under the sun"...(Don't know if it's really the dialogue that I like about MM...?)

I do like that brilliant bit of assigning by Dzyd Dennis—two workplace movies, a forgettable Hugh Grant–Sandra Bullock offering (all I remember is H.G. beaning S.B. with a tennis ball, or was it the other way around) and the Wilder classic.

Annnyway....haven't thought about that piece in a while.....zzzzz....

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