Thursday, November 08, 2007

Two kinds of recycling

“It’s getting a little decrepit,” Mr. Beeny said of the cutout sign [of Elvis]. If no one wants it, he said, “I’ll make it a working man — repaint it with blue jeans, an open shirt and a tool in his hand. I’ll have a sign that says: ‘Our Mission Is to Serve Others.’”

Much more valuable, Mr. Beeny said, are results of a DNA test that he claims proves that the man buried at Graceland is not Elvis Presley.

“That’s the biggie,” said Mr. Beeny, who has written two books, “Elvis’ DNA Proves He’s Alive!” and “DNA Proves That Elvis Is Alive!” “That’s what really put this place on the map.”

—"Giving Up the Memorabilia, but not the Belief: Elvis Lives," NYT



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