Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting MUGGY out there —

The inimitable MUG isn't too impressed with a new restaurant—and we chuckled at this image of a pair of post-apocalyptic diners:

Some of the food is passably good: the churrasco is properly tender and the monkfish is allowed to speak for itself. But the beef and the monkfish (entrees average $26) are in a small minority. The biggest tell is what the kitchen sends out as paella. A grim, desiccated wasteland of overcooked fish, even the father and son in Cormac McCarthy's The Road might toss this mess aside. No restaurant that truly loved seafood would do this to the crustaceans and mollusks, which were, after all, victims, not conspirators in the felony.
* * *

Anyone following the Prydain string below might like Levi's latest musings on children's lit, over at I've Been Reading Lately.

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