Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dizzies Newsfeeds™ for Sunday

In the Times, we read about the mapinguary, a mythical creature of Brazil:

In some areas, the creature is said to have two eyes, while in other accounts it has only one, like the Cyclops of Greek mythology. Some tell of a gaping, stinking mouth in the monster’s belly through which it consumes humans unfortunate enough to cross its path.

But all accounts agree that the creature is tall, seven feet or more when it stands on two legs, that it emits a strong, extremely disagreeable odor, and that it has thick, matted fur, which covers a carapace that makes it all but impervious to bullets and arrows.

“The only way you can kill a mapinguary is by shooting at its head,” said Domingos Parintintin, a tribal leader in Amazonas State. “But that is hard to do because it has the power to make you dizzy and turn day into night. So the best thing to do if you see one is climb a tree and hide.”

Possible new Dizzies mascot? Artists, please send your renderings of the mapinguary to thedizziesATgmailDOTcom!

Other news....At The Fanzine, Ben Strong writes about non-doped cyclist Greg LeMond: "He knows that his “clean” achievements, which once appeared superhuman, now look mortal."....The Guardian has some nice words about Nick Hornby's jumbo Polysyllabic Spree book....Levi at I've Been Reading Lately has the best possible Lloyd Alexander obit (see also the comments in our previous post—and vote for your favorite children's fantasy series!)....Five-string serenade: Wonderful Paul Collins post on John Philip Sousa's literary output....Dennis on Danny Boyle and Sunshine.....Now I need to sit down and read stuff—maybe here?

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