Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The truth is out there

And yet again, Buffalo sports fans like me pay with a stake through the heart. "Wide Right" and Brett Hull's skate in the crease weren't enough. Three more losing Super Bowls and Frank Wycheck's illegal forward pass (some call it the "Music City Miracle") weren't enough. Brad Park's slap shot in overtime of Game 7 of the 1983 Adams Division finals wasn't enough. Blowing a 14-3 halftime lead over the Chargers in the 1980 AFC playoffs wasn't enough. Leading the Hurricanes 20 minutes from the 2006 Stanley Cup finals and falling short wasn't enough. Coincidence or vast anti-Buffalo sports conspiracy? You decide.

—Greg Sukiennik, ESPN.com the magazine (is that the title?!)

(Thanks to Cousin Andrew)

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