Monday, April 16, 2007

Phrase of the day — The A's have it — More Vonnegut

I liked the Times's description of yesterday's massive storm as "a globular nebula." I also liked this self-referential bit—

Many shops and restaurants that normally would have been open yesterday were shuttered, but without jobs or schools to attend, many people spent the day indoors with the Sunday papers, relaxing with music to go with the silken lash of rain hissing at the windows, dripping on a lazy afternoon.

—and the fact that a baker's dozen's worth of writers put together the piece (including Dizzies favorite Kareem Fahim).

"Globular nebula" exerts a hold on me because of the repetition of "bula," I suppose—somehow this makes it seem rather globlike and nebulous all at once.

I haven't been keeping up with American Idol this season, but I did see that Sanjaya Malakar survived the last round. Singing/personality aside, perhaps the secret to his staying power lies in his name—univocalic in "a," as the Oulipians would say. (And aside from the "nj" in the first name, each vowel is separated from its neighbor by a single consonant.)

Finally, another side of the late great Vonnegut, from the Phil Nugent Experience:

His words were carefully chosen but angry, and he rounded them off with a promise that shood he ever encounter Jerry [Geraldo Rivera, his ex–son-in-law] again on the street, "I'll spit in his face."

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Blogger L. said...

That rain article sounds a lot like the "glass of red wine and quiet jazz" snowstorm image that Gawker made fun of the NYT for overusing last year in this article.

2:18 AM  

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