Friday, April 13, 2007

Freaky Friday

1. Well, it's not that freaky, indeed perhaps not freaky at all. And now that I've trotted out this stunning headline, I can't re-use it here at The Dizzies for when something truly freaky happens.

2. National Poetry Month madness continues here at The Dizzies. From "God Went Rollerblading," by Cynthia Rylant (thanks to Dizzyhead Regina):

He loved it.
He wasn't very good at it.
He fell twenty times.
But God always
bounces back.

(For more on God, visit the Saturnhead archives.)

3. Citizen Truth is like poetry, I think:


Where do they grow these chicks?
Is he their dad-figure or what?
(We were there for the shift change.)
(It seems fun here.)
(We cheer for what we recognize.)
(I'm part phlegmish.)

4. I thought of a joke the other day, but perhaps it's already been done? Check it out:

"Apple just announced a new iPod geared toward colorful sports figures of yesteryear. It's called the 'Icky Shuffle.'"

I might have to jazz up the wording a little. Shortly after coming up with this joke, I had a three-minute fantasy in which I became a standup comedian, despite my intense aversion to standup comedy. But then I couldn't think of any more jokes.

5. Don Imus! I've never listened to his show, but the recent fiasco dredged this up from the memory banks: Years ago, I was sifting through the book-reject pile (at a magazine where I was interning) and picked up Imus's novel, God's Other Son. I had no idea who Imus was. I opened the book, and on the very first page, possibly the first sentence or two, there was a gratuitous dig at African American women, something along the lines of: I (the other son of God) am a white male, and people who think that God could have, say, a black woman as a child are just plain PC-nuts.

That's my memory of it; I could be off on the details—I've tried to "look inside" the book at Amazon (this passes for research here at The Dizzies). In any case, there was something so instantly depressing and distasteful (Imus going out of his way to make such a bizarre insult, right off the bat) that I shut the book, and forevermore grumbled internally at any mention of his name.

Amazing—to so completely turn a reader off before the end of the first page! To completely turn off a reader for life!

6. Dizzyhead Hua's Palace has a beguiling Korean rocker up today...more dope on the band, San Ul Lim, here.

7. Dizzyhead Drew now blogs at The Ballad of the Cagener...

8. And finally: Dizzyhead Chrita, proprietor of the now defunct Crisis/Boring Change, will join Team Dizzies as soon as we get all the contract work vetted. He will focus on comic books and amusing anecdotes from his life.

(By the way—I'm loving the sub-200-page-novel reading suggestions—keep ’em coming! I am going to make myself scarce, or at least scarce-ish, for a while—Team Dizzies, start posting!)

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