Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Million Squirrels Show

Important National Poetry Month news: Cathy "No Relation" Park Hong's Dance Dance Revolution is being published soon—it's the winner of the Barnard Women's Poetry Prize—and she'll be doing a number of readings, including one next Tuesday at Barnard. She'll also be appearing on Mr. Equanimity's Million Poems Show and in an up-and-coming borough called Brooklyn. Check her blog for the full schedule.

* * *

CPH raves about Ed Roberson, which reminds me that the PTSRNLS published a poem of his, a bit of which runs:

Deadheading the spent flames
to encourage a re-bloom

only makes the ashes see light again
as darkness,
feeling their way across a floor of faces

until every one is theirs.

* * *

I was happy to wake from a dream in which I was chasing a squirrel out of the house, a sequence that seemed to last forever. That's not poetry. That's for National Dream Month.

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