Friday, April 06, 2007

Letter by letter

Today's poem: Joshua Clover's "Antwerp Rainy All Churches Still Haunted," from The Totality for Kids (U. California).

Lots of good lines here—each line ends with a period. It's like a good-line contest!

Three to mull over:

"Being constructed letter by letter like a labyrinth."

"Like she had seen into each pocket of you and found no money there."

"Words on the yellow streetcars riding their one empirical sentence."

* * *

I dreamed about this book last night, or rather this morning.

I had opened it and J.C. had written a poem about another poet.

The poem only used the letters present in her name.

The Oulipians call this a "beautiful in-law"

* * *

Over at the FSG National Poetry Month blog, maintained by Ami Greko, we learn the provenance of the cover photo for Frederick Seidel's Ooga-Booga: It's one of four clicked at the photo booth at Lakeside Lounge.

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Blogger ami said...

It would have certainly been a different feel for the book if they'd chosen the one featuring bunny ears, huh?

1:03 PM  

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