Friday, April 20, 2007

Could you be the one? — Shocking connections

Via Moistworks—Hüsker Dü on The Tonight Show, performing two (!) songs (in a Warehouse–era setting) and chatting with host Joan Rivers.

Love that mustache!

* * *

Yesterday a Dizzyhead wondered (and I wondered, too): How long before some "transgressive" theater troupe performs Cho's plays? Five years? Ten?

Try less than a week. (And for t.t.t., read "shock jocks.")

* * *

Speaking of shock jockery: Pre-VT, I had been thinking about New Jersey governor Corzine's accident—how he had been en route to a meeting between the Rutgers team and Imus. Had Imus not said what he had (the inflammatory remarks), Corzine wouldn't have had to speed along to this meeting, etc., etc.—from a cause-and-effect p.o.v., one can blame Imus, indeed the whole shock jock phenomenon/tendency/climate, for Corzine's serious injuries...

Now filling in for Corzine is Richard J. Codey, who had previously subbed as NJ governor post-McGreevey. He had a throwdown with another shock jock, who had berated Codey's wife for speaking about her postpartum depression.

File under: Eternal battle between New Jersey governors and shock jocks


Blogger Mollie said...

I thought of that (about Imus/Corzine) too -- but the meeting was at the governor's mansion, wasn't it? So it's likely he would have been heading there even if he had nothing on his schedule. Although perhaps not as speedily. That's what I'm telling myself, because I'd hate to think he suffered all those injuries directly because of this stupid Imus thing.

11:13 AM  

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