Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

1. Over at the Athanasius Kircher Society, the most amazing three and a half minutes you'll see today. (Via the Light Reader.)

1.5 Update: But this might be the most traumatic two minutes you'll see today—Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell going ballistic on the Huckabees set.

2. Dizzyhead Hua gets Hip—and then realizes it's every which way but Luc.

3. We love us some Arcade Fire most any hour of the day, but the Driftwood Singers present a rather stunning similarity: "Why Win Butler is John McCafferty With a Liberal Arts Degree." Listen if you dare...

4. Speaking of music—new Psychic Envelopes single "drops"!

5. At This Writing Life, an interview with David Mitchell, in which Mitchell comes off as a rather nice guy, asking the interviewer questions about his writing. (Via Conversational Reading)

6. And rounding out our Tuesday morning coverage (whaa.....) — Dizzyhead Jessica muses on "Joan of Arc—Paris Hilton of the Middle Ages?" over at Slate.

7. Oh one more thing: Tuesday means—a new New-York Ghost!

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Blogger HeyZeus! said...

My favorite Murakami book! The new one is supposed to be good but I haven't cracked it yet...

9:06 PM  

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