Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ampersand after ampersand

1. Over at Weekend Stubble, Dizzyhead Paul posts some bonus material for his article on Leo Guild, author of The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman, The Loves of Liberace, Street of Ho's, et al. (At the PTSNBN, the proper spelling was 'ho; the style guide asked, "Does this make any sense? 'No.") Guild writes:

I forgot to mention that werewolves are very strong. Their diet includes such things as animal blood, ailing grandmothers and rancid chicken fat. And they also thrive in the night air.

2. And Dizzyhead Martin's co-blogger Kevin C translates some Anglo-Saxon:
755. Here Cynewulf and the West-Saxon council deprived Sigebryht of his kingdom for wrongful deeds, except for Hampshire, and he had that until he slew that earl who had long lived by him. And then Cynewulf drove him off at the Weald, and there wounded him until a swineherd stabbed him on Privet channel; and he avenged the earl Cumbran. And Cynewulf often fought great fights with the Welsh. And 31 winters after he had had the kingdom, he wanted to drive off a prince who was called Cyneheard; and Cyneheard was the brother of Sigebryht. And then the prince learned of the king being with a small host in the company of women at Merton, and he surrounded him there and attacked the chamber from outside, before the men discovered him who were with the king. And then the king perceived that, and he went to the door, and then bravely defended himself, until he saw the prince, and then he rushed upon him and wounded him greatly; and all were fighting against the king, until they had slain him.
And he notes: "This is one of the earliest prose artifacts in the history of our language. Isn’t it something? Look at that Estilo! It’s like a rhinoceros! Consider how reliant our author was on the word 'and' to get a sentence or clause rolling. Homeboy uses it 17 times."

3. And here's an excellent New Yorker piece alert: Larissa Macfarquhar's piece on a man who tracks down counterfeiters. (Abstract online.) Loads of great details. I especially love the way it begins—several paragraphs in which someone is talking. Pure quotation—she doesn't even identify the speaker. You're carried along solely by his colorful speech and the interesting things he's saying.

4. And isn't it time for some Faye Wong?

5. And in the NYTBR, David Kamp reviews Jonathan Lethem's You Don't Love Me Yet, a Dizzies obsession: "As they’d say in the rock magazines, this new release is worthwhile for the Lethem completist, but perhaps not for the first-time buyer." And a group called The Night Time "covers" the song "Monster Eyes" on their Myspace page—an original song featured in the novel (via CDTMIP).

6. And this is from the TLS via the Light Reader, on Balzac

... his Herculean labours were taking their toll. His hair was turning white and falling out “by the handful”. He was suffering from back pains and dizzy spells. Sometimes he fell into a stupor, and even his special blend of coffee failed to reactivate his brain.

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