Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enigmatic references

I. The joy of liner notes:

The strident 'Here Comes The Weekend', with its enigmatic reference to human rights abuses in Zaire, was followed by 'Tonight At Noon' which once again saw Weller turn to poetry for inspiration—this time that of Liverpudlian beatnik Adrian Henri...

Mike Gerber's putting together his very funny "Newsbreaks"—the final punchline here is nicely delivered:

Speaking of the Times today:


Legend has it that eating capybara, known here as chigüire (pronounced chee-GWEE-reh), got a boost in the 18th century when the local clergy asked the Vatican to give capybara the status of fish.
"In Venezuela, Rodents Can Be a Delicacy"

In "Inside Japan's Puzzle Palace," we learn that sudoku can be translated as "bachelor numbers," nurikabe as "islands in the stream," and masyu as "pearls."

The new Bookforum is out—a lot can be read online, including the return to reviewery (perhaps?) of the great Richard Locke (he of the masterful Gravity's Rainbow review)...also, my PoFo pal Emily Warn rounds up some poetry, Dizzyhead Laird Hunt on Clare Clark, Ben Marcus on Lydia Davis, L.A. Times book review editor David Ulin on Jim Crace, and much more...


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