Friday, March 30, 2007

The Gorey details

When I reviewed the Charles Addams bio and the posthumous Edward Gorey collection last year, I didn't know there was an actual link between the two artists (though one assumes their paths crossed). This is from an interview at the Mystery! site:

Does it bother you when people lump you together with people who do "horror" like Stephen King or Charles Addams?

Yes. Only very occasionally do I try to shock in a mild sort of way. I'm very squeamish really. As for Charles Addams, I knew him. We had the same agent. I occasionally would have lunch with him. I was told he envied me because I had a more highbrow reputation than he did. I love Charles Addams' stuff. I suppose there's always the possibility somebody will come along and want to do the equivalent of The Addams Family movie with my stuff. Well, I'm not that rich, so I'd probably say, "Go ahead."

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