Thursday, March 29, 2007

Musical notes

1. A deeply moving Driftwood Singers post, which moves from Percy Sledge to...Black Flag?! (Don't miss the mind-expanding Beach Boys offering.)

2. I didn't realize Robyn Hitchcock was performing here...The Times review by Jon Pareles had me hoping that RH would invoke Roussel in some fashion (here I muse on Groovy Decoy, Gravy Deco, etc.)—

[I]n an unusual burst of straightforwardness, he explained the artistic strategy he has been using since he arrived in 1977 as the leader of the Soft Boys, a neo-psychedelic band in the punk-rock era. “It’s all not so much meaningless as inconsequential, or ultimately painless, if you find the right level to watch things from,” he said. “The trick is to have one eye full of compassion, and the other one has about 500 mil of indifference, and you kind of blend it.”

3. A long Rick Moody post is up at Moistworks.

4. A new pic is up at the Psychic Envelopes site.

5. The Waterboys' Mike Scott vs. Wikipedia in "The Day I Downloaded Myself" (which would make a great Robyn Hitchcock title, no?):

I contacted my correspondent and apologised for my bull-in-a-china-shop behaviour. He replied, welcoming my input if backed up by sources, and offered to make the changes for me if I supplied him with documentation. This I've done, finding published references to the facts and sending them to him, to see them appear in what is becoming an increasingly accurate and substantial history of the Waterboys - probably the best there is, at least until I write my own book.

(Via Zoilus.)

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