Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Fat Superboy

Weekend Stubble-ites have already seen this:

Dizzyhead Brent sends this paean to heft:

* * *

Dizzyhead Douglas is eating every edible plant he hasn't yet eaten: "Cardoons look a bit like taller, wider celery, but they're actually part of the thistle family, and indeed their taste is not entirely unlike artichokes, if not in that neighborhood of divinity."

Via Paper Thin Walls, here's this great Elliott Smith cover site—my song of the day is "Care of Cell 44," but I also recommend the Big Star covers—check out "Nighttime," which I coincidentally (and spur-of-the-momentously) had named one of my top five songs of...forever last month! (Is that me or...Fat Superboy?)

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