Friday, March 30, 2007

Chongqing Express — Georges Perec

Lawrence Weschler should do a "convergences" piece on these images, no? (Second one comes from this article.)

* * *

"It is always the one against the many, with the enemy fungible and all the world a weapon: not just axes and arrows, the 3-Section Whip and the 8 Chop Swords, but fans and fabric shears, benches and banisters, rags and roofing and rope." —Parkus Grammaticus

* * *

Dizzyhead Jason informs me: It's Georges Perec week over at Dennis Cooper's blog—some links:

1) A quick bio.
2) GP on the "infra-ordinary."
3) Some thoughts of his on the art of the crossword.
4) The amazing chess-move structure of his novel Life A User's Manual.
5) A sample of his lipogram in e, A Void.

There's much more, so check it out if you're interested...



Blogger Laird Hunt said...

Thanks for the tip. And in re your pair of Rousellian articles this week, an NPR story (yesterday, day before?) on a woman who paints with maggots, and teaches children to do same, seemed to make a trine with the other two.

10:57 PM  

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