Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Metal machine movie

Ray Tintori's Death to the Tinman—a terrific short film from this year's Sundance slate—can be seen here.

Here's a quick YouTube preview, for the nonce:

I detect a touch of the Guy Maddin sensibility, stretched over the skeleton of L. Frank Baum's Tin Woodsman of Oz. I'm not a Baum fanatic—for some reason I did not read the books in childhood—but this is one LFB that I did read, for some reason, about 10 years ago. I'm still tickled/haunted by the reduction of the Tinman from "meat" (Baum's word) to metal; at what point is he still the person he was? (At what point do you stop calling a table a table, as you lop off legs?)

(Thanks to Dizzyhead Mairead for the link.)

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Blogger Mairead said...

You're very welcome, & vertiginously.

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