Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am the clay

Are Jews and Koreans the same? Sometimes I think so, though maybe not for the reasons artist David Choe (Jewcy's art director) lists...Still, better this than the eyebrow-raising description of Korean novelist Lee Mun-yeol's (a/k/a Yi Munyol's) latest novel:
In the epilogue [...] Shin wanders to regions of conflict around the world, including Iraq and Rwanda, in the hope of finding and bringing back homo executans, because unlike earlier expectations, he feels that the anti-Christ forces did not lose ground on the Korean Peninsula. Here, Lee makes rather crude political accusations against former President Kim Dae-jung and the governing Uri Party members as well as North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, albeit in a roundabout way of naming figures in the "Jewish War.’’


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