Monday, January 15, 2007

Armed forces

...if a piece of Iron be fastened in the side of a bowl or bason of water, a Loadstone swimming freely in a Boat of Cork, will presently make unto it. So if a Steel or Knife untouched, be offered toward the Needle that is touched, the Needle nimbly moveth toward it, and conformeth unto union with the Steel that moveth not. Again, If a Loadstone be finely filed, the Atoms or dust thereof will adhere unto Iron that was never touched, even as the powder of Iron doth also unto the Loadstone. And lastly, if in two Skiffs of Cork, a Loadstone and Steel be placed within the Orb of their activities, the one doth not move, the other standing still, but both hoise sail and steer unto each other. So that if the Loadstone attract, the Steel hath also its attraction; for in this action the Alliency is reciprocal, which joyntly felt, they mutually approach and run into each other's arms. —Sir Thomas Browne, Pseudodoxia Epidemica

My arms miss you, my hands miss you
The stars sing, I've got their song in my head...
—The Long Winters, "Ultimatum"


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