Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I occasionally live under the illusion that people visit The Dizzies to read my lighter-than-air musings on literature, cinema, comics, and ukeleles. The truth of the matter is that most visitors hone in on this hapless URL because they've searched for talking cats, voice of the Buffalo Sabres Rick Jeanerette, or news about Dennis Lim.

For those in the latter camp, here's a shot of DL talking to IFC after last night's event at BAM:

And check it out—the London Observer, in its gift-giving guide, writes:
A compendium of alternative film reviews from the past 50 years edited by New York's peerless critic Dennis Lim. V------ V---- Film Guide £9.99, John Wiley

(It also lists a subscription to Modern Painters as a good present for "culture junkies.")

(An astute Termite Artist pointed out to me that the PTSNBN did not even list last night's event. True? That's cold!)


Blogger Izzy Grinspan said...

Oh wow. I'm sorry I brought the curse of the talking cat down on you. Then again, that video allows you to reach a whole new audience, so maybe it's a good thing? (When the Citizen and I adopt a kitten, I'm going to teach it to say "Read the Dizzies!")

1:36 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Oh no, it's great! It's funny to see people search for "oh don johnson"...

9:15 PM  

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