Sunday, December 03, 2006

Things to do on Monday: New Haven—New York edition

1. Yalies! Ye sons—and daughters—of Eli! Tomorrow night (Monday, 12/4), go hear Believer goddess Heidi Julavits read from her ace new novel, The Uses of Enchantment. She'll be appearing with Chris Adrian, author of (the excellent-seeming, though I've only had a chance to read the first chapter) The Children's Hospital, at St. Anthony Hall at the corner of Wall and College Streets. It's at 7:30, it's free, and it's refreshment-enhanced!

2. Also on 12/4: New Yorkers! To celebrate—?!!?—the massive new V------ V---- film guide (compiling highlights from the past half decade [correction: century!] of the paper's once-heady film criticism), BAM is screening the best donkey movie ever—Au Hasard Balthazar!—at 7, followed by a panel discussion: Guide editor and dissolute bon vivant Dennis Lim talks with J. Hoberman and former Double-V PTSNBN critics Andrew Sarris and Jonas Mekas.

3. In other news—read the Limster in the NYT on Austrian cinema, and Michael Atkinson at IFC on Herzog.

4. What if Werner Herzog did an adaptation of Saul Bellow's Herzog?


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